About Helen

Hello, my name is Helen and I'm the founder of Helen's Pet Care Service. I'm a friendly and caring pet care business that is based in West London.

I'm originally from Swansea, a beautiful and vibrant city, in South Wales where I grew up in a close family with good friends. As a child growing up we had a Poodle called Socks, a Springer Spaniel called Mitzey, a cat called Bonnie and a Hamster called Lucy, which we all loved and where I gained my first experience of animal care from.

As far back as I can remember I've always loved and respected animals and I would always stop and pet a cat or dog if one crossed my path (I don't think I'd never not make a fuss).

My two dogs have now passed away. And my cat Bonnie died on January the 5th 2009 aged 20 from old age.

The aim of Helen's pet care service

To provide tender loving care, and a home from home for people's pets when they need to be parted.

I will follow the client's requirements, when discussed in the meet and greet. Every pet should be fed and watered regularly, be kept clean, groomed and exercised and given adequate heat, light and ventilation. I will be vigilant about security and safety issues at all times.

The aim is to return a happy and healthy pet to its owner.

Best Wishes

Helen Margera

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Insurance Policy

Helen's Pet Care Services are comphensively insured with pet business insurance, the policy certificate is available to view on request. Our Cover Includes:

Public Liability Insurance
Care Custody and Control Extension (Liability to Animals)
Key Cover (Loss of Keys & Replacement Locks)